Characterization of natural orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) populations of the Thrace Region of Turkey based on ploidy and DNA polymorphisms Academic Article uri icon


  • Determining the ploidy and geneticdiversity of a germplasm is necessarybefore initiating breeding or geneticstudies. This study was conducted tocharacterize the ploidy level of 57 naturalpopulations of orchardgrass (Dactylisglomerata L.) collected from the ranges ofThrace region of Turkey and the diversityamong populations based on RAPD (RandomAmplified Polymorphic DNA) markers. Flowcytometry was used to determine nuclear DNAcontent (pg 2C-1= DNA content of adiploid somatic nucleus) of 6 plants foreach population. Nuclear DNA contents werecorrelated to ploidy level with root tipchromosome counts on selected plants. Onthe basis of this study, mean nuclear DNAcontent of orchardgrass was determined as9. 57±0.33 (with 95% confidenceinterval) while all the plants used inchromosome counting were determined to betetraploid, with 2n= 28 …

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  • January 1, 2004