The caring family: Living with chronic mental illness: Caroline T. Beale, Kayla F. Bernbeim, and Richard RJ Levine, Random House, Inc., New York, 1981 Academic Article uri icon


  • Not since the publication of You Are Not Alone in 1976 has the public been offered a more valuable tool for helping people gather the information they will need to cope with mental illness.“Approximately one out of every ten individuals is at least partially disabled by chronic mental illness. Of the many patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals each year, some 55-70 percent return to live with their families.” These statistics do not include the other “victims” of mental illness, namely, the patients' families. In some ways it is more painful to be the parent, sibling, or friend of the patient than to be the patient, For those who elect to stay in contact with someone who is ill there is no escape into illusion. Day-to-day reality imposes emotional burdens that are sometimes overwhelming. Most people are able to cope with dislocations in their lives. We all know a doctor or a lawyer who is equipped to assist in …

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  • January 1, 1984