Ultrasound enhancement of membrane permeability Academic Article uri icon


  • This transducer is a hydrophone that is suitable for a sonobuoy. It uses the insulation of a coaxial cable 30 as its piezoelectric material, which must be flexible like polyvinylidene fluoride or a composite ceramic. The cable is laced by thread 38 to a circular band 28 of spring steel. A membrane 26 of woven fabric is stretched like a drumhead over the steel band, and secured by stitching 36. Sound impinging on the membrane exerts circumferential compression on the coaxial cable to induce a signal on its central conductor. The electrical connection, which must be watertight, is not shown. For storage, the circular band may be twisted twice by hand, and folded on itself to form three circular turns of one third the original diameter. The folded hydrophone may be stored indefinitely in a pouch, but once the restraint is removed, it will unfold of its own accord and return to the larger diameter. This …

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  • January 1, 1989