Annealing of niobium coatings deposited on graphite Academic Article uri icon


  • Niobium coatings 8–12 μm thick were deposited by magnetron sputtering on ATJ graphite substrate. The kinetic growth of carbide layers into niobium coatings and the properties of the Nb 2 C and NbC phases obtained after annealing in the temperature range of 1073– 1773 K were studied. It was found that the carbide layer growth displayed parabolic behavior patterns establishing the growth rate constants (K) of Nb 2 C and NbC layers, as follows: K Nb 2 C= 3.7× 1 0-8 exp (-190 kJ RT) m 2 s; K NbC= 4.5× 1 0-9 exp (-164 kJ RT) m 2 s.

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  • August 19, 2005

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