Ultrasound targeting of Q-starch/miR-197 complexes for topical treatment of psoriasis Academic Article uri icon


  • Psoriasis is a common, worldwide autoinflammatory, incurable skin disease. miR-197 has therapeutic potential for psoriasis since it can down-regulate the expression of both IL-22RA1 and IL-17RA, subunits of the receptors of IL-22 and IL-17, respectively, which are key cytokines in the disease. Although miR-197 has the potential to treat the disease, several inherent physical barrier properties of the skin challenge miRNA's delivery to the target skin cells. In the present study, we evaluated a therapeutic approach that combines the use of ultrasound (US) as a means to enhance skin permeability with quaternized starch (Q-starch) as an miRNA delivery carrier. This resulted in decreased expression of the miR-197 target proteins and in a significant reduction in the psoriatic activity markers. Our results demonstrate the potential of combinations of US and Q-starch/miR-197 complexes for the topical skin treatment of psoriasis.

publication date

  • January 1, 2018