Intracluster light properties in the CLASH-VLT cluster MACS J1206. 2-0847 Academic Article uri icon


  • Aims. We aim constrain the assembly history of clusters by studying the intracluster light (ICL) properties, estimating its contribution to the fraction of baryons in stars, f∗, and understanding possible systematics or bias using different ICL detection techniques. Methods. We developed an automated method, GALtoICL, based on the software GALAPAGOS, to obtain a refined version of typical BCG+ ICL maps. We applied this method to our test case MACS J1206. 2-0847, a massive cluster located at z~ 0.44, which is part of the CLASH sample. Using deep multiband Subaru images, we extracted the surface brightness (SB) profile of the BCG+ ICL and studied the ICL morphology, color, and contribution to f∗ out to R 500. We repeated the same analysis using a different definition of the ICL, SBlimit method, ie, a SB cut-off level, to compare the results. Results. The most …


publication date

  • May 1, 2014