Experimental Approaches and Technical Challenges for Studying Amyloid-Membrane Interactions Academic Article uri icon


  • Membrane interactions of amyloidogenic proteins and peptides are increasingly considered a primary factor of toxicity in amyloid diseases. Accordingly, heightened interest in this field has led to a proliferation of studies and experimental work aimed at characterizing membrane association of amyloid peptides and their aggregate species and, conversely, the effect of lipids and lipid bilayers on the misfolding and fibrillation processes involving amyloid peptides. This chapter aims to summarize experimental techniques and molecular models employed in recent years for the study of amyloid peptide–membrane interactions. The dramatic proliferation of literature focusing on amyloid–membrane interactions and relationships naturally allows only a brief survey of the exciting developments in this field, and we have tried to present here representative important studies. Specifically, we …

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  • January 1, 2011