Joint Design of Spherical Microphone and Loudspeaker Arrays for Room Acoustic Analysis Conference Paper uri icon


  • Spherical microphone arrays (SMAs) and spherical loudspeaker arrays (SLAs) have been studied separately for directional sound recording and radiation, respectively, and for room acoustic analysis. The use of configurations comprised of both a SLA and a SMA, referred to as acoustic multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, can potentially facilitate an additional spatial analysis of room acoustics due to the added spatial diversity they provide. When using spherical arrays, robustness to errors such as mismatch in the frequency response of the transducers and spatial aliasing is an important design requirement. This has been studied for the separate SMA and SLA systems but not for a MIMO system in which both arrays operate simultaneously. This work discusses a joint design method for a SMA and a SLA as part of a MIMO system. A MIMO system model is formulated, which includes …

publication date

  • March 16, 2015