Two-dimensional Hybrid model of Collisionless Relaxation of Ion Distributions downstream of Quasi-perpendicular Shocks Academic Article uri icon


  • Recent STEREO observations reveal that large scale downstream magnetic oscillations are quite typical for quasi-perpendicular low-Mach number shock. It has been shown recently, both in theory and 1D hybrid simulations, that these oscillations are, most plausibly, related to the collisionless relaxation of the downstream gyrating ion distributions. A number of observed shocks exhibit clear deviations from one-dimensionality. We extend our previous analysis to two-spatial dimensions by using 2D hybrid code, which allows studying the inhomogeneity along the shock front. We investigate in detail the formation of gyrating distributions in this 2D geometry and further relaxation of these distributions accompanying with generation of magnetic oscillations.

publication date

  • December 1, 2009