Interface interaction and wetting in the Er2O3/(Cu-Al) and Er2O3/(Cu-Ti) systems Academic Article uri icon


  • The wetting behavior and metal-oxide interface interactions in the Er 2 O 3/(Cu–Al) and Er 2 O 3/(Cu–Ti) systems were investigated at 1,423 K in order to evaluate the compatibility of ceramic crucibles with liquid metals, containing active elements. Pure Cu does not wet Er 2 O 3 (Θ≈ 140°) but the wettability is significantly improved by the addition of Al or Ti. It was established that Er 2 O 3 reacts with Ti and Al dissolved in liquid Cu and the wettable spinel ErAlO 3 and ErTiO 3 is formed at the interface. The amount of the released Er from the substrate as a result of the reaction and the depth of the reaction zone beneath the drop are controlled by the thermodynamic properties of liquid solutions.

publication date

  • February 1, 2008