Deformation of the overriding slab during incipient subduction in centrifuge modeling and its tectonic significance Conference Paper uri icon


  • Analog models of subduction-related structural deformation emphasize the significance of differences in density and friction between the adjacent plates on the distortion of the overriding slab and its possible effect on the subduction procedure. Centrifuge experiments juxtaposed miniaturized lighter and denser lithospheres, which were floating on denser but less viscous asthenosphere. The lithosphere in the tests comprised brittle and ductile strata, which showed diversified styles of deformation, while factors of equivocal tectonic significance, such as lateral push or negative buoyancy, were not introduced into the experiments. The tests show that the juxtaposition of lighter and denser lithospheres would suffice to drive the denser lithosphere as a wedge between the asthenosphere and the lighter lithosphere, and that the rate of the process would depend on the rate of friction between the slabs, as well as o...

publication date

  • April 1, 2015