Magnetic pulse welding of Al to Mg alloys: Structural-mechanical properties of the interfacial layer Academic Article uri icon


  • The magnetic pulse welding of Al-A 1050 to Mg alloys was successfully performed, and the structural-mechanical properties of the interfacial bonding layer produced between dissimilar metals were studied. The morphology of the interface layer has a typical wavy pattern with an average thickness of 20 mm. Compositional microanalysis showed that the composition of the interfacial layer is Al-50 at-%Mg and is practically uniform, being a direct outcome of the local melting effect, intensive mixing of the melt and a rapid rate of solidification. The composition of the bonding layer corresponds to the Al supersaturated intermetallic beta phase (Mg17Al12). The elastic modulus (and the hardness) of the interfacial layer was measured using the nanoindentation technique, and its value of 60.2 +/- 1.4 GPa is in good agreement with the value calculated from first principles in the literature (57.3 GPa) for the Mg17Al12 intermetallic phase.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011