Theoretical model of the photostimulated combustion of gas-droplet mixtures in an optical resonator Academic Article uri icon


  • The photostimulated combustion of gas-droplet mixtures (eg, Al, Li, Ba, or Mg in atmospheres of Cl2, F2, O2, or N2O) in an optical resonator, leading to the generation of coherent radiation, is analyzed theoretically with reference to the development of chemical lasers. It is shown that the inverse effect of the generated radiation on the combustion rate can produce a self-accelerating combustion mode; threshold conditions for the appearance of this mode are obtained. The time behavior of the development of nonstationary combustion is analyzed, and it is shown that the combustion time for the mixture in the self- accelerating mode is significantly shorter than that for the usual combustion mode without a resonator.

publication date

  • January 1, 1985