Color and graphic style of in-vehicle navigation map displays: aesthetics and usability Academic Article uri icon


  • This research examined the effect of color related aspects and graphic style on the perceived aesthetics and usability of in-vehicle navigation maps and evaluated the relations between them. Study 1 examined maps varying in three color schemas:'Bold','Mild'and 'Greyscale'. Study 2 further examined an additional 'Bolder'color schema, and Study 3 examined three maps varying in their graphic styles:'Contemporary blue','Realistic green'and 'Traditional elegant monochromatic'. In all studies the participants completed orientation tasks using the maps in the navigation system while performing a main task, tracking task in studies 1 and 2, and a simulated driving task in study 3. Subjective evaluations and objective measures were examined. While the color schema did not affect the subjective evaluations, and no differences were found in the perceived aesthetic and …

publication date

  • January 1, 2009