NaXe and KXe positive ion formation in hyperthermal xenon-Pt(111) surface scattering [2] Academic Article uri icon


  • Surface ion ejection induced by fast atom bombardment (FAB) or by keY ion scattering is well known and constitutes the basis of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). At the hyperthermal energy range of 1-20 eV, alkali ion ejection was observed in several systems. I- 5 Amirav and Cardillo have studied3 the near threshold energy behavior of xenon atom induced In+ and Ga+ ion ejection from InP (100) and GaAs (110), respectively. Alkali impurity (Na, K) ion emission from these and" clean" Ag (100) and Ge (100) surfaces was also studied. A common threshold energy at about 6 e V Xe kinetic energy was observed, 3 and xenon electronic excitation or transient ionization was invoked as the initial ion ejection step. Danon and Amirav have found that hyperthermal molecules can be efficiently surface ionized in spite of the large energy gap between the molecular ionization potential and …

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  • January 1, 1990