Electron spin resonance of Mn/sup 2+/ions in matrices of polycrystalline samples of Zn/sub 4/O ((CH/sub 3/)/sub 2/CHCOO)/sub 6/and Zn/sub 4/O ((CH/sub 3/)/sub 3/... Academic Article uri icon


  • The ESR spectra of polycrystalline samples of Zn/sub 4/O((CH/sub 3/)/sub 2/CHCOO)/sub 6/ and Zn/sub 4/O((CH/sub 3/)/sub 3/CCOO)/sub 6/, activated by Mn/sup 2 +/ ions at various concentrations, were investigated. An analytical theory was developed for the contour of the hyperfine components of the permitted and various types of forbidden transitions. On the basis of the obtained magnetic-resonance parameters conclusions were reached about the local symmetry and coordination of the Mn/sup 2 +/ ion in the investigated compounds.

publication date

  • March 1, 1986