Self-Assembled Organic Nanostructures with Metallic-Like Stiffness Academic Article uri icon


  • Organic nanostructures produced by a process of “bottomup” molecular recognition and self- assembly are key elements in nanotechnology applications. This use of synthetic building blocks with tailored reactivities is highly important for the production of advanced “smart” materials. While these building blocks possess many advantages in terms of synthesis, functionality, and chemical diversity, they usually have inferior mechanical properties compared to metallic nanostructures. Herein we report how indentation-type experiments conducted with an AFM using a diamond-tip cantilever demonstrated remarkable metallic- like point stiffness of up to 885 N mÀ1 and a Young s modulus of up to 275GPa for aromatic dipeptide nanospheres. This exceptional value makes these nanostructures the stiffest organic materials reported to date (they are even stiffer than macroscopic aramids), thus …

publication date

  • January 1, 2010