Scale dependence of the CMB power spectrum in small field models of inflation with a high tensor to scalar ratio Academic Article uri icon


  • We study scale dependence of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) power spectrum in a class of small, single-field models of inflation which lead to a high value of the tensor to scalar ratio. The inflaton potentials that we consider are degree 5 polynomials, for which we calculate the power spectrum numerically and extract the cosmological parameters: the scalar index $ n_s $, the running of the scalar index $ n_ {run} $ and the tensor to scalar ratio $ r $. We first demonstrate the numerical precision of our analysis by comparing results to a case with an exact analytic solution-power law inflation. Then, we benchmark the numerical code against quadratic inflation and other models. We then scan the possible values of potential parameters for which the cosmological parameters are within the allowed range by observations. The 5 parameter class is able to reproduce all of the allowed values of $ n_s $ an...

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  • July 13, 2016