Behavioral evidence for the existence of two pools of cellular inositol Academic Article uri icon


  • Lithium reduces brain inositol levels by inhibiting inositol monophosphatase. In a previous study it was found that administration of pilocarpine to Li-treated rats causes limbic seizure behavior which can be reversed by i.c.v. myo-inositol but not chiro-inositol, suggesting that this behavior is related to inositol depletion in the PI cycle. Hyponatremia can lower brain inositol and hypernatremia can raise brain inositol. We now report that induction of low brain inositol by hyponatremia followed by pilocarpine did not cause limbic seizures. Induction of high brain inositol using hypernatremia followed by Li-pilocarpine administration did not reverse limbic seizures. These data support the concept that inositol available for Pl synthesis and inositol for osmotic function are sequestered in different cellular pools.

publication date

  • January 1, 1994