P569: Corticospinal reserve predicts the effect of deep repetitive brain stimulation with h-coil and neurorehabilitation on walking impairment in progressive multiple s... Academic Article uri icon


  • Results: The levels of 24-ycholesterol (2.35±1.60 ng/mL vs 1.51±0.48 ng/mL, p= 0.021), 25- ycholesterol (0.54±0.96 ng/mL vs 0.09±0.04 ng/mL, p= 0.032), and 27-hydroxycholesterol (2.68±3.18 ng/mL vs 0.68±0.25 ng/mL, p= 0.005) were increased in the CSF of patients with NMO compared with those in controls. The level of OHCs did not differ significantly between these two groups. The level 27-OHC in the CSF were also significantly associated with the disability at acute attacks of patients with NMO by both univariable analysis and multivariable analysis controlling the effect of BBB disruption. Moreover, the CNS-derived 27- OHC, measure by OHC index, was also significantly associated with the disability at acute attack of these patients (0.723; 95% CI-0.181, 0.620; p= 0.002). Conclusions: The 27-OHC, an endogenous selective estrogen receptor modulator, might be associated with the …

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  • June 1, 2014