Stokes polarimetry, narrowband filtering, and hyperspectral imaging using a small number of liquid crystal devices (Conference Presentation) Conference Paper uri icon


  • The interest in liquid crystal devices for photonic non-display devices has grown recently due to their mature quality and the continuous improvement of their speed combined with the rising nanoscale and optoelectronic technologies. Of particular interest is their application in imaging systems as compact devices to manipulate the wavefront, wavelength, phase or polarization. Recently we have been developing variety of specially designed LC devices integrated into imaging systems for specific spectro-polarimetric imaging applications using small number of LC devices. These included:(i) wide dynamic range tunable filters for hyperspectral imaging and frequency domain optical coherence tomography,(ii) discrete narrowband tunable filter for multispectral imaging,(iii) compact polarization rotator for polarimetric imaging,(v) wideband achromatic waveplate for …

publication date

  • November 2, 2016