Perceived Fatigue Symptoms among Military Truck Drivers Conference Paper uri icon


  • The current study is part of a large-scale survey conducted among military truck drivers from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Transport Center. In this study we attempted to determine to what extent drivers are (a) aware of feeling too fatigued to continue driving,(b) aware of their performance decrement due to fatigue,(c) able to provide a temporal aspect to their performance decrement and (d) aware of cues that reflect their level of fatigue. Our results lead us to believe that drivers use more subjective and physiological cues to estimate their fatigue level than they use performance decrement ones. Possibly because they reach a high level of fatigue prior to their observation of performance decrement. It is possible that when performance decrement cues occur, drivers are more likely to consider their fatigue level as higher (and use them as immediate cues) but this claim requires further …

publication date

  • January 1, 2001