Deep rTMS with H-coil associated with rehabilitation enhances improvement of walking abilities in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis: randomized, controlle... Academic Article uri icon


  • Objective: To investigate whether repeated sessions of transcranial repetitive magnetic stimulation (rTMS) with H-coil could enhance the benefit of rehabilitation on walking abilities in patients with spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (MS). Background Impaired walking has a strong impact on disability associated with MS and its treatments options are limited. Preliminary findings showed that repeated sessions of focal repetitive transcranial stimulation improved spasticity associated with MS but no data are available on the impact on walking ability. Recently, the development of H-coils has been proved to allow reaching deeper brain regions as compared with focal stimulation. Design/Methods: Twenty-three progressive MS patients with lower limb spasticity, undergoing inpatients rehabilitation, were randomized to receive real (11 pts) or sham (11 pts; one patient refused to participate …

publication date

  • April 26, 2012