New supramolecular host systems. 41. novel diacetal podands, diazacrowns and cryptands Academic Article uri icon


  • New and important key podands bearing the cis -1,3,5,7-tetraoxadecalin (TOD) core are reported, viz., 2,6-di(hydroxymethyl)- ( 2 ) and 2,6-di(aminomethyl)- cis -1,3,5,7-TOD ( 6 ), which lead to the first diazacrown-TOD compounds ( 9a ) and ( 9b ) and a corresponding cryptand ( 11 ) in the series. 9a&b exhibit very good alkali and earth-alkali ion inclusion ability with selectivity for K + and Ba +2 . Molecular dynamics (Insight/Discover/AMBER) on the crowns and cryptand were performed, including reparametrized MM3-GE calculations. A convincing case for the TOD based hosts was thus established.

publication date

  • January 1, 1995