Power Assignment Problems in Wireless Communication Academic Article uri icon


  • A fundamental class of problems in wireless communication is concerned with the assignment of suitable transmission powers to wireless devices/stations such that the resulting communication graph satisfies certain desired properties and the overall energy consumed is minimized. Many concrete communication tasks in a wireless network like broadcast, multicast, point-to-point routing, creation of a communication backbone, etc. can be regarded as such a power assignment problem. This paper considers several problems of that kind; for example one problem studied before in\cite {Carrots, Bilo} aims to select and assign powers to $ k $ of the stations such that all other stations are within reach of at least one of the selected stations. We improve the running time for obtaining a $(1+\epsilon) $- approximate solution for this problem from $ n^{((\alpha/\epsilon)^{O (d)})} $ as reported …

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  • January 1, 2006