Multi-dimensional imaging with lenslet arrays Conference Paper uri icon


  • A simple method to obtain spatial multiplexing imaging is by using an array of imaging elements such as a lenslet or pinhole array. Using a lenslet array instead of a common imaging lens permits a more flexible design of the optical system and enables the control and enhancement of the imaging performance parameters. By proper design and appropriate optical data processing, multiple perspectives of a three dimensional object can be captured, the visual imaging range can be enlarged, the imaging resolution improved and depth of field extended. Lenslet arrays are the core of integral imaging systems which is a promising three dimensional imaging and visualization technique. In the context of three dimensional imaging, lenslet arrays serve as dense multiview imaging sensors. In this work we explore the potential advantages of imaging with a lenslet array. We discuss the inherent limitations and describe techniques to overcome those limitations. Here we focus our discussion on integral imaging systems and present an overview of techniques and approaches used to control and improve the performance of basic integral imaging systems.

publication date

  • January 1, 2005