Eco-leisure: theory and practice. Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract This article looks at the phenomenon of eco‐leisure, both in theory and in practice. A distinction is made between eco‐leisure and ecotourism, and it is suggested that the academia needs to pay more attention to ecologically oriented leisure activities. The paper presents examples of eco‐leisure practice and suggests a working definition of this new term. An explanation of the term is provided by elaborating on three of the pivotal aspects of this phenomenon: the urban‐rural context, the sociological aspects, and the environmental aspects. The review of these aspects illustrates how eco‐leisure can contribute to the understanding of modern urban life and its leisure component. In addition to the theoretical contribution of introducing the term, and its meanings, eco‐leisure has a high potential for managerial and practical implications, especially the improvement of life quality in the urban environment including the reduction of the tensions and stress of contemporary urban reality.

publication date

  • January 1, 2008