Maternal First Trimester TSH Concentrations: Do They Affect Perinatal and Endocrine Outcomes? Academic Article uri icon


  • We aimed to examine the distribution of 1 st trimester TSH and evaluate its association with perinatal outcomes and future development of maternal thyrotoxicosis. This retrospective cohort study included data of all women without prior thyroid disease who delivered a singleton at our medical center from 1/2001 to 12/2011 and had a 1 st trimester TSH< 4.0 mU/l. Women were divided according to 1 st trimester TSH concentrations into quartiles and by predefined TSH values (mU/l): 1) TSH< 0.1; 2) TSH 0.11–0.2; 3) TSH 0.21–0.4; and 4) TSH 0.4–4. Obstetrical outcomes, hCG concentrations, and future thyroid status were collected from electronic medical records. A total of 13 841 women fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Mean maternal TSH concentration at 5 weeks of gestation was 2.09±0.83 mU/l and decreased to 1.29±0.87 mU/l in weeks 8–9 with an increase towards the end of the 1 st …

publication date

  • January 1, 2016