Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Uplift in Taiwan from Geomorphic Analysis Conference Paper uri icon


  • We apply several methods of analysis of river profiles to establish the spatial and temporal patterns of rock and surface uplift and drainage pattern in Taiwan. The ongoing arc- continent collision in Taiwan produces high rates of tectonic shortening and uplift which, combined with the sub-tropical climate and frequent Typhoons, makes Taiwan one of best testing laboratories for fluvial incision linked to tectonic uplift. We present a method for inverting digital topographic data for rock uplift rate, based on a stream-power incision law. Assuming linearity in slope (n= 1), and drainage area constant in time, allows us to use linear analytical solutions to develop a simple linear matrix method for least-squares optimization of fit to the full topography using an uplift function that varies smoothly in space and time. Such formal inverse methods permit explicit presentation of parameter (uplift …

publication date

  • April 1, 2013