Tissue Protein as Indicator for the K Nutritional Status of Plants Academic Article uri icon


  • Potassium requirement for normal growth of plants and maximum yield stems from its involvement in plant metabolism. Consequently, early detection of potassium deficiencies has been a great concern of farmers. The working hypothesis of the present work assumed that potassium deficiency constitutes a stress like other environmental stresses to which the plant needs to respond and adjust by changing gene expression. This is manifested as alteration in protein profiles. Potassium deficiency was associated with increased abundance of two polypeptides of molecular mass of 60 and 62KDa in hydroponically grown sunflower plants. These polypeptides were detected in young subapical region of the stem and in main veins+ petioles of young leaves. The increased abundance could be detected at least as early as three days after the transfer of plants from potassium containing medium …

publication date

  • June 18, 1990