Dissociative psychosis: clinical and theoretical aspects Academic Article uri icon


  • Although Dissociative Psychosis is not currently recognized as a formal diagnostic category, specialists in the field of trauma-related dissociation have argued that doing so has great clinical value (Graham & Thavasotby, 1995; Sar & Öztürk, 2007; Van der Hart, Nijenhuis, & Steele, 2006; Van der Hart, Witztum, & Friedman, 1993). Originally called hysterical psychosis (HP; cf., Witzum & Van der Hart, 2008), this syndrome has been documented in a number of traumatized patients with diagnoses ranging from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to dissociative identity disorder (DID)(Graham & Thavasotby, 1995; Sar & Öztürk, 2009; Tutkun, Yargic, & Sar, 1996; Van der Hart & Spiegel, 1993; Van der Hart et al., 1993, 2006). It has been proposed that for a psychotic disorder or episode to be recognized as DP, it should be trauma-related and embedded in a structural dissociation of the personality …

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  • January 1, 2008