The Missing Link: Rotational Spectrum and Geometrical Structure of Disilicon Carbide, Si_2C Conference Paper uri icon


  • Disilicon carbide Si_2C is one of the most fascinating small molecules for both fundamental and applied reasons. Like C_3, it has a shallow bending angle, and may therefore also serve as a classic example of a quasilinear species. Si_2C is also thought to be quite stable. Mass spectrometric studies conclude that it is one of the most common gas-phase fragments in the evaporation of silicon carbide at high temperature. For these same reasons, it may be abundant in certain evolved carbon stars such as IRC+ 12016. Its electronic spectrum was recently studied by several of us, but its ground state geometry and rotational spectrum remain unknown until now. Using sensitive microwave techniques and high-level coupled cluster calculations, Si_2C has been detected in the radio band, and is found to be highly abundant. Its more common rare isotopic species have also be observed either in natural …

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  • June 1, 2015