Effect of threatening life experiences and adverse family relations in ulcerative colitis: analysis using structural equation modeling and comparison with Crohn’s dise... Academic Article uri icon


  • Results: UC patients (N= 148, age 47.55±16.04 years, 50.6% women) had scores [median (interquartile range)] as follows: SCAAI, 2 (0.3–4.8); FAD, 1.8 (1.3–2.2); LTE, 1.0 (0–2.0); SF- 36 Physical Health, 49.4 (36.8–55.1); SF-36 Mental Health, 45 (33.6–54.5); Brief Symptom Inventory-Global Severity Index (GSI), 0.5 (0.2–1.0). SIBDQ was 49.76±14.91. There were significant positive associations for LTE and SCAAI (25, 50, 75% quantiles), FAD and SF-36 Mental Health, FAD and LTE with GSI (50, 75, 90% quantiles), and ES with SF-36 and SIBDQ. The negative associations were as follows: LTE with SF-36 Physical/Mental Health, SIBDQ with FAD and LTE, ES with GSI (all quantiles), and P-SCCAI (75, 90% quantiles). In structural equation modeling analysis, LTE impacted ES negatively and ES impacted GSI negatively; LTE impacted GSI positively and GSI impacted P-SCCAI positively. In a split …

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  • May 1, 2017