Impact response of pure iron between 150 and 1273 K Conference Paper uri icon


  • Dynamic yield strength of pure polycrystalline iron (99.995% Fe) was studied in a series of VISAR‐monitored planar impact experiments with initial sample temperature ranged from 150 to 1273 K. It was found that decaying with temperature yield strength of α‐iron has two local maxima; the first one in the vicinity of the iron Curie point, 1030 K, and the second one just below the temperature of the α–γ transition in iron, 1180 K. It was also found that both the pressure and the volume effect of the shock‐induced α‐ε transformation (revealed by the two‐wave structure of the recorded waveforms) decrease with the test temperature achieving their minima in the vicinity of the α‐γ transition. Heating of the iron above the temperature of the α‐γ transformation is accompanied by the increase of both the transition pressure and its volume effect.

publication date

  • January 1, 2009