_.: м-Pah Growth, maturation and progeny of sex-reversed Academic Article uri icon


  • Mates were selected from a immature population of МасгоЬтсЫит rosenbergii as soon ж their genital papillae were evident, subjected to bilateral androgenic gland ablation (andrectomy) and grown to maturity in individual compartments. Andrectomized mates did not develop the spined blue claws and genitalia characteristic of norma! males and their somatic growth was reduced. Sham-operated controls grew twice as large as andrectomized males, indicating a possible role of androgenic substances in growth promotion. Most of the andrectomized males (84%) developed female gonads (becoming" neofemales") and in 44% of these cases egg production was complete and indistinguishable from that of normal females. Mating of neofemales with normal males resulted in egg laying, larva! development and metamorphosis into postlarvae. The sex ratios of two postlarval populations from sue …

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  • January 1, 1990