Wideband RF beamforming: The Rotman lens vs. photonic beamforming Conference Paper uri icon


  • The discovery of the Rotman lens (Rotman, W. and Turner, RF, 1963) was an enabling technology that greatly increased the capabilities of multibeam antennas. The original intent of the inventor (WR) was somewhat less ambitious. He wanted to study various interesting configurations of TTD (true time delay) beamforming, and has been somewhat amazed and fascinated to see the evolution of his original idea into its present forms. The paper compares a relatively new TTD technology which, in the near future, for certain usages, may supersede or supplement the Rotman lens-all with the guidance and the blessing of Walt Rotman. Wideband RF phased array beamformers have increasingly stringent requirements as to their performance, given the desire to detect and classify targets with increasing accuracy, and to eliminate false alarms caused by clutter. Instantaneous bandwidths are …

publication date

  • January 1, 2005