Can ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays come from gamma-ray bursts? Cosmic rays below the ankle and galactic gamma-ray bursts Academic Article uri icon


  • The maximum cosmic ray energy achievable by acceleration by a relativistic blast wave is derived. It is shown that forward shocks from long GRB in the interstellar medium are powerful enough to produce the Galactic cosmic-ray component up to the ankle at $4\times 10^{18}$eV, as per an earlier suggestion (Levinson and Eichler, 1993). It is further argued that, were extragalactic long GRB responsible for the component {\it above} the ankle as well, the contribution from an occasional Galactic GRB within the solar circle would yield more than the observational limits on the outward flux from the solar circle, unless intermittency and/or beaming causes the present-day contribution to be less than $10^{-3}$ times the time average, and difficulties with these avoidance scenarios are also noted.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011