Director-polarization reorientation via solitary waves in ferroelectric liquid crystals Academic Article uri icon


  • Solitons appear liquid crystals ( LCs) as a result of the nonlinear behavior of the director motion under external fields generally governed by differential equations of the reaction-diffusion type. Until now, solitons have been ob- served in nematics, **2 and possible soliton switching in ferroelectric liquid crystals (FLCs) in their helicoidal ge- ometry has been demonstrated both experimentally3 and theoretically.4>5 In this letter, we report on a novel electro- optic effect in surface stabilized FLCs (SSFLCs), wherein the FLC is the dielectric in a transparent parallel plate capacitor thin enough for surface interaction to produce helix-free director states.6 In particular, we show that dur- ing switching at high enough fields the director nonunifor- mity stabilized by the surface interactions evolves as two domain walls forming a kink-ant&ink pair propagating into the LC from the bounding plates via solitary wave motion of the sine-Gordon type. In …

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  • January 1, 1992