Chlorophyll estimation in the Southeastern Mediterranean using CZCS images: Adaptation of an algorithm and its validation Academic Article uri icon


  • Region-specific algorithm to derive chlorophyll concentration from Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) images was adopted following field measurements in the Southeastern Mediterranean Sea, in June 1992. Reflectance in the range 400 to 700 nm, chlorophyll concentration and seston dry weight were measured simultaneously at 21 stations. The optical model used based on algorithm for Case I waters, using shipboard simulation of CZCS channels for adaptation of parameters. The resulting model was validated with an independent data sets from series of cruises in the Southeastern Mediterranean (1981–1984). Concurrent CZCS images were used for retrieval of the radiance ratio Channel 1/Channel 3, for each station. The resulting ratios were then used to calculate chlorophyll concentrations. A comparison between those calculated concentrations and the actual chlorophyll measurements showed that an estimation error of chlorophyll as low as 0.013 mg m −3 was achieved.

publication date

  • January 1, 1996