Subglottic mucocele in an infant Academic Article uri icon


  • On admission this 2 month old male infant had stridor and severe respiratory distress. Although afebrile, his chest radiograph show- ed a left lung pneumonia. Since oxygen therapy alone did not relieve his symptoms, endotracheal intubation was carried out and antibiotics were administered. Intubation was continued for only 48 hours and he left hospital after 12 days with only minimal stridor and a clear chest radiograph. Two days later he was admitted with severe stridor. Radio- graphy of the upper airways showed subglottic narrowing caused by a lesion indenting the lumen from behind and the left side (Fig. 1). A diagnosis of subglottic haemangioma was presumed and steroid therapy started. The stridor continued unaffected by this treatment. Direct laryngoscopy showed a small mass about 5 mm … The diagnosable causes of stridor in newborns and infants have been reviewed by several authors and classified …

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  • January 1, 1979