Effects of land-cover change on rainfall-runoff relationships: A case study of the Yarkon-Ayalon watershed, Israel Academic Article uri icon


  • Temporal changes and spatial patterns are often studied by analyzing land-cover changes (LCCs) using spaceborne images. LCC is an important factor, affecting runoff regime within watersheds through processes such as urbanization, agricultural activities, quarries and afforestation. The objective of this research was to estimate the effects of 20 years of LCCs on rainfall-runoff relations in an extreme rainfall event, in a sub-basin scale. A Landsat TM- derived classification map was used as an input for the Kinematic Runoff and Erosion (KINEROS2) hydrological model along with precipitation data of an extreme rainfall event. Model calibration was performed by using total runoff volume data based on hydrometric measurements taken during this rainfall event. Validation of the model performance was conducted by comparing the model results to measured data in order to receive output …

publication date

  • August 5, 2013