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  • In the last years much attention has been given to accelerating the discovery of new materials with unique properties that could have technological implications. An example of such researches is study of materials with unique magnetic ordering and unconventional superconductivity exhibited by heavy fermion compounds. AT-Al aluminides, where A= actinide, lanthanide or rare earth elements with 4f-or 5f-shells and T= transition metal, are part of this family of compounds. Atomic structure of many aluminides of this type is yet to be discovered since most of the researches are performed using “trial and error” approach, which could be time consuming. It would be of clear benefit to formulate a rule that could predict the relative stability of the structures that may form in the ternary Al-richest phases in the AT-Al systems, since physical properties are intimately linked with the atomic structure …

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  • January 1, 2017