Polarization properties and switchable assembly of ultranarrow ZnSe nanorods Academic Article uri icon


  • Size-and shape-dependent optical properties of 1D semiconductor nanoparticles and their 2D or 3D assembly holds great promise in nanoscale optoelectronics.[1, 2] The 1D nanoparticles are intrinsically asymmetric, suggesting unique structures, assembly, and properties. Assembly into collective structures with well-defined orientation of the particles could display a variety of interesting properties, whereas in a large assembly of asymmetric nanoparticles, random orientations of individual nanoparticles may inhibit the inherent properties of the collective behavior. An external field can be used to overcome energy barriers underpinning the random orientation in order to achieve a system revealing the inherent properties of the individual nanoparticles. The crystallographic phase of 1D nanoparticles has considerable importance in determining the inherent polarization …

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  • January 1, 2007