Dislocation relaxation in polycrystalline cubic metals under high pressure Academic Article uri icon


  • Dislocation and relaxation peaks have been observed as a general phenomenon in metals and alloys of cubic and hexagonal structure and in many non-metallic materials (l-7). In plastically deformed fcc metals the main internal-friction peak has been observed by Bordoni (8) and a few years later a second internal-friction peak appearing at a lower temperature was detected by Niblett and Wilks (9). Early work of Chambers and his co-workers (2) as well as investigations by others on bcc metals have detected a number of interesting phenomena related to the~, 8 and dislocation peaks. A survey of various experimental data reveals that the most complete information on relaxation in bcc metals is available for the transition metals Ta, Nb, W and Mo. For both fcc and bcc metals, internal friction experiments have been conducted on single crystals and poly-crystalline materials as a function of …

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  • January 1, 1979