Strangeness production in relativistic nuclear collisions Academic Article uri icon


  • In this work we attempt to answer the question whether observed strangeness production could be the result of normal hadronic interactions. We calculated strangeness production in relativistic heavy-ion collisions using the HIJET event generator. HIJET is a Monte Carlo code which considers binary NN collisions and includes secondary interactions and nuclear cascading. HIJET has been very successful in reproducing global experimental results such as E T distributions, d N d Y , etc., in AA as well as pA collisions. We have included various channels which contribute to strangeness production and strangeness exchange in secondary interactions. Our calculations are in good agreement with measurements of strange-particle production (K's and Λ's) in p-Au and O-Au collisions at 200 GeV/ A . We cannot account for the increase in the ratio of strangeness to multiplicity as a function of centrality, reported for SS collisions at 200 GeV/ A .

publication date

  • January 1, 1994