Transcranial Doppler monitoring during language tasks in stroke patients with aphasia (response to letter to the editor) Academic Article uri icon


  • Sir: We thank VK Sharma for his letter that contains very interesting and relevant comments to our article. It is well known that blood flow velocities, as measured by TCD, cannot be used for describing absolute values of cerebral regional blood flow, but can be very helpful in obtaining information about changes in hemispheral cerebral activity in both normal and pathologic conditions [1]. Changes in flow velocity are strictly related to changes in the diameter of small resistance vessels and can be considered reliable indicators of modification of brain perfusion especially in the territory supplied by MCA [2]. The possibility of investigating changes in cerebral activity with TCD monitoring during different tasks or postural changes, has been widely validated in previous studies [3, 4]. We agree with you opinion, that in post-stroke patients, patterns of brain circulation can be various. However …

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  • January 1, 2008