Revealing the interior of black holes out of equilibrium in the SYK model Academic Article uri icon


  • The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model can be used to describe black holes (BHs) in two-dimensional nearly-Anti-de-Sitter gravity. We show that when such BHs are perturbed by a time-dependent negative-energy perturbation, their interior can be partially revealed. In the SYK model, a partial measurement of the state of the Majorana fermion pairs allows one to construct a matching time-dependent negative-energy perturbation of the BH geometry that shifts the state of the BH away from its equilibrium state. Kourkoulou and Maldacena showed that, if the perturbation is strong enough, the interior can be fully exposed. Here, we extend their results by showing that, when the perturbation is weaker than the threshold for full exposure, it effectively moves the horizon of the BH inwards, thus only partially exposing the interior. The exposure is in proportion to the number of measured Majorana pairs and so also in pr...

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  • April 24, 2018