Operator theory, systems theory and scattering theory : multidimensional generalizations Book uri icon


  • Functional Models for Representations of the Cuntz Algebra.- Relations on Non-commutative Variables and Associated Orthogonal Polynomials.- Functions of Several Variables in the Theory of Finite Linear Structures Part I: Analysis.- Operator Method for Solution of PDEs Based on Their Symmetries.- On the Bessmertny? Class of Homogeneous Positive Holomorphic Functions on a Product of Matrix Halfplanes.- Rational Solutions of the Schlesinger System and Isoprincipal Deformations of Rational Matrix Functions II.- Preservation of the Norms of Linear Operators Acting on Some Quaternionic Function Spaces.- Hardy Algebras Associated with W*-Correspondences (Point Evaluation and Schur Class Functions).- Notes on Generalized Lemniscates.- One-Sided Tangential Interpolation for Hilbert-Schmidt Operator Functions with Symmetries on the Bidisk.- Favard's Theorem Modulo an Ideal.

publication date

  • January 1, 2005