Design of pseudo-spherical microphone array with extended frequency range for robot audition Academic Article uri icon


  • Microphone arrays constitute the front end for sound acquisition in the auditory system of most humanoid robots. Their design and performance therefore play a central role in robot audition. Although some previous studies are concerned with the optimization of microphone placement for robot audition, spatial aliasing, constituting a major challenge in array design, has not been studied extensively for this application. Spatial aliasing is approached in this paper using a spherical harmonics (SH) framework. A method for microphone positioning that extends the aliasing-free frequency range of low SH orders is developed, and validated by simulation for the design of a microphone array on the head of the humanoid NAO. Aliasing level is significantly reduced compared to the efficient nearly- uniform microphone distribution. The proposed method was employed in the …

publication date

  • March 1, 2016