Quantum dissipation due to the interaction with chaotic degrees of freedom and the correspondence principle Academic Article uri icon


  • Both in atomic physics and in mesoscopic physics it is sometimes interesting to consider the energy time-dependence of a parametrically-driven chaotic system. We assume an Hamiltonian ${\cal H}(Q,P;x(t))$ where $x(t)=Vt$. The velocity $V$ is slow in the classical sense but not necessarily in the quantum-mechanical sense. The crossover (in time) from ballistic to diffusive energy-spreading is studied. The associated irreversible growth of the average energy has the meaning of dissipation. It is found that a dimensionless velocity $v_{PR}$ determines the nature of the dynamics, and controls the route towards quantal-classical correspondence (QCC). A perturbative regime and a non-perturbative semiclassical regime are distinguished. Comment: 4 pages, clear presentation of the main point

publication date

  • January 1, 1999